Imagine a majestic old forest.
Woodland trails wind gently over rolling terrain.
Choirs of birds sing, peepers serenade by the pond.
So quiet one can hear the dawn breaking.
Healing energy is an invitation and a promise.

This is the Red Spirit Retreat Center. Where all are welcome to celebrate the solstice and equinox, shaman practitioner workshops, soul retrieval retreats or science-based IONS* discoveries and discussions on consciousness.

Healing. Awakened consciousness. The beauty and wonder of nature. Fill your need for self-growth and happiness. Discover how your transformation brings inner peace and a smile. Join the community at the Red Spirit Retreat Center that is changing the world with conscious awareness.

*IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences offers many modalities of healing and transformation. Based on scientific research into the frontiers of consciousness IONS helps people discover their inner wisdom and full potential.


The Perkins Family Testimonial

Karen’s English muffins are awesome! Our 15 year old boy loved them! Appreciated Karen’s graciousness, walking in the woods, the boardwalk in Saugatuck…

The Perkins Family


Janet and Jim H. Testimonial

Enjoyed relaxing by the fire for our winter holiday getaway. So enjoyed the English muffins and jam–a real treat!

Janet and Jim H.

Holland, MI

Ellisa, Kelly & Amanda Testimonial

We played games, roasted marshmallows—girl time with lots of laughs. Such a comfortable and relaxing stay! The cottage is so quaint and cute. Karen, thank you for opening your place to our group. Wow! Loved it!

Ellisa, Kelly & Amanda

East side of Michigan

David, Kristen, Sean, Anna & Melissa Testimonial

Our favorite moments were dune buggy rides in Saugatuck, Everyday People Cafe—get the BLT&E!, Saugatuck Brewing Co. and kayaking.

David, Kristen, Sean, Anna & Melissa

Chicago, IL

Kathy Testimonial

The retreat weekend was truly a gift. Not only did I get to meet some wonderful women, but we got to experience the beauty of the Kalamazoo River by canoe, and really reconnect with nature. Karen provided such a relaxing atmosphere, delicious (OK, gourmet) meals, and a beautiful setting, I was finally able to disconnect from my city-life stress and remember to look up, look around, open my ears – there’s so much beauty going on around me, I just need to be aware to grasp each moment, each gift from nature, and cherish its beauty.


Chicago, IL

Pamela Testimonial

If you are looking to re-awaken to joy and inspiration for life in nature, relax, rejuvenate as you soak in the sounds, smells and sights of the forest, all the while feasting on knock-your-socks-off gourmet food, a retreat at the Red Spirit is for you. The flow of the weekend unfolded perfectly for our group of women as we got to know each other. A three hour canoe trip down the Kalamazoo was fun and relaxing. We did some reflecting, poetry writing, walking in the woods, berry picking and even corn and gladiola picking. But, I never got over the food! Each meal was better than the last. I really could not have imagined such a variety of homemade dishes from homemade scones in the morning to 4-course lunches and dinners in the evening.

Being in the woods brings a quieting of the mind and inspires creative reflection. It’s good for the soul and all the senses. The memories and enjoyment last far beyond the weekend. Thank you, Karen, for providing this sacred space. Everyone needs this!


Skokie, IL

Peggy Testimonial

It was an amazing weekend for me. Just chock full of gifts. Food, being cared for, women it is a blessing and joy to know, nature, time, stillness, beauty, art in the garden, exploration, both internal and external. I love it.


East Aurora, New York

Paul and Shirley D. Testimonial

Karen was very gracious and made us feel at home and welcome. I recommend visiting the Gerald Ford Library in Grand Rapids. We enjoyed relaxing with our adult children and Karen’s delicious cherry pie and ice cream.

Paul and Shirley D.

St. Louis, MO