Sonia has traveled the world visiting industrial farms, getting into the secret world of meat production. It’s not just the horrors of slaughter houses and how immune people are to the suffering of animals. By the way, that includes people who eat these animals. It’s also about the antibiotics, the genetic engineering, the huge pollution of earth and waterways, our bodies and more. Did you know that livestock is fed their own kind (byproducts) and chicken manure! And, you may be eating it along with antibiotics if you’re eating the meat that comes from all over the world and shipped to the USA.

It’s time we all embrace vegan diets. There are more and more choices every day to satisfy meat cravings. Save the livestock, save the earth and save yourself. Nothing is more important than good health. It’s no wonder we have so much cancer in the world.

So if you do eat meat, know the farmer who provides it. Ask questions. Demand change. Livestock should be raised on pastures not in buildings where they never see the light of day, touch the earth and are forced to smell the toxic ammonia every day of their lives.