If ever there was a year to question everything, 2020 was that year.  It was a wake-up call on so many levels.  The need for people to be in nature was as great as ever—even more so with Covid and our four campsites provided peace, security and nature’s healing comfort throughout the summer season.

In September, a friend needed a place to live until her home was repaired and so she stayed for awhile.  Soon after, another friend became quite ill and we became room mates as I looked after her.  Are we not here on this earth to help others?  To give more than we take?  I’m happy that 2021 is bringing compassion back.  And, laughter!

Before Covid, I anticipated having groups come for pie and refreshment at the patio tables, surrounded by the clean air of the surrounding forest.  Instead I had more time to contemplate The Meaning of Life.  And perhaps, that time was meant for this year.  Another year to live in gratitude.